Everything Including the Kitchen Sink: Working With General Contractors

Six Essential Building Supplies You'll Need For A Kitchen Renovation

You're probably excited and eager to get started on your kitchen renovation. You've got your design in place and you're ready to start tearing down walls, removing old appliances and cabinets, and doing some serious remodelling. But before you go too far, there are a few things you'll want to make sure you have on hand so that the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Here are six essential building supplies you'll need for a kitchen renovation:

1) A Nail Gun

Nail guns are the perfect tool for securing cabinets and other cabinetry. They make it easy to drive nails into hardwood floors and walls so you can secure your cabinets in place. A nail gun can also be used to fasten baseboards around your walls. This makes them one of the most important building supplies you'll need during your kitchen renovation.

2) Laser Levels

A laser level is a device that projects a line onto your wall or ceiling so you can ensure that everything is straight and level before attaching any fixtures or installing cabinets. You can also use it to make sure that two pieces of materials are aligned properly so they don't look crooked when installed together. 

3) Wood Glue

Wood glue is an essential part of any DIY kitchen project. It helps bond wood together, making it more durable and less likely to crack or break over time. Wood glue also helps prevent wood from shrinking or expanding in different weather conditions, which can cause warping or cracking in your new cabinets or furniture.

4) Handsaw Or Jigsaw 

Kitchen renovations can be time-consuming, especially when you have to cut dozens of pieces of wood or plastic. A handsaw or jigsaw are vital building supplies that will make this task much easier, allowing you to make straight, accurate cuts while saving yourself time and energy. 

5) Screwdrivers

You'll need screwdrivers for everything from installing new cabinets to adding accessories like hinges and knobs throughout your kitchen renovation project. Make sure you have both large and small Phillips head screwdrivers on hand as well as flathead models for removing old hardware from your cabinets and drawers before installing new ones

6) Rubber Mallet 

Building supplies like a rubber mallet are vital for completing your kitchen renovation project, as they can help you hammer down nails and other fasteners without damaging the surrounding area of your new kitchen. 

To find out more about which building supplies you'll need to get started on kitchen renovations, chat with a professional.

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Everything Including the Kitchen Sink: Working With General Contractors

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