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Popular Types of Stairs Used in Homes and Buildings

For most of people, stairs and balustrades need no introduction. They're used almost everywhere, from government buildings to malls and even at home. While stairs provide easy access to top floors, balustrades provide a protective barrier to the edges of floors and steps.

Stairs and balustrades have also been used for many years to add an element of style, function, and identity to buildings. It is useful to be acquainted with the different types of stairs that can be installed on your premises so you can add creative flare and functionality whenever you consider putting in place new stairs and balustrades.

Straight stairs

Straight stairs are the simplest and most reliable type of stairs. They simply include a straight flight of stairs connecting two floors. They are stable, reliable, and offer the shortest distance possible. They are also cost-effective to install.

When connecting multiple floors, straight stairs and balustrades can be set parallel to each other (parallel stairs) or at an angle (angle stairs). For buildings that have very many floors, straight stairs offer a reliable way for people to travel up and down the building.

Half turn stairs

To add more style to your premises, you can choose to install half turn stairs. These steps include a change in direction halfway through the two floors being connected. Rather than a single straight shot, they take a turn halfway through the floors.

The turn can either be a dog-legged turn or an open newel turn. In a dog-legged turn, there is typically no space between the turns and the stairways continues at the halfway mark. Open newel stairs have an extra space added at the half turn. This can be used to add a lift along the stairs or other relevant features.

Circular stairs

Circular stairs are a smart and appealing design for buildings. They contain a single central post that is attached to a series of rotating steps along its height. The steps can be lined with balustrades to provide a protective barrier along the edges.

Circular stairs and balustrades are excellent for high buildings that require multiple steps to access various floors. They are also highly customizable and allow for property owners to express multiple styles with their design.

Bifurcated stairs

Bifurcated stairs are the epitome of convenience. They allow for different floors in the building to be connected by a single stairway. Two flights of stairs often begin from either side of the building after which they converge at a central location and lead into one flight that goes all the way to the bottom. We often see bifurcated stairs in modern public buildings where there is a lot of traffic.

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