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Clean It Up! Tips for Successfully Using a Skip Bin at Home

Renting a skip bin for home use can mean having a great receptacle for the debris created by a renovation project or for when you're doing some major spring cleaning. Not only will a skip bin keep your property cleaner during your work, it will also keep the area safer since it means less waste that you might trip over while working. If you've never rented a skip bin before, note a few tips for choosing and using one so it will work out for you.

1. Determining size

Determining the size of skip bin you need may be one of the toughest parts of choosing your bin; you may not know how many cubic feet or meters of rubbish your job will create! To make it easier on you, use charts that compare skip bins to rubbish bins or other types of bins that you can easily understand; this might make it simpler to determine the size, if you know you might fill up five rubbish bins or the equivalent of one trailer you pull behind your car. You might also simply ask the rental agency what size they would recommend, as they may be familiar with the volume of debris created by cleaning out a basement and the like.

2. Getting a permit

You probably need a permit for the skip bin even if it's on your property and even if it's in your backyard, out of sight of the neighbors. You can call your city clerk's desk to find out, or ask the agency. They usually know if you need a permit and may be able to actually secure the permit for you.

3. Keep it safe

Once you have the skip bin home, be sure you keep it safe. Note how the caster wheels lock, if you have one with wheels. Don't overfill it, especially a smaller bin or one with wheels, as this might cause it to tip. If you think the bin is getting too full, call the company to have it picked up, even if that means an added fee for a new bin. Never try to make a homemade ramp to fill a larger bin, as you can easily tumble right off such a plank and get injured. If you have the bin overnight and didn't get one with a lid, use a tarp of some sort that you tie down, or put bricks on the top or corners to keep it in place. This will avoid having items fly out of your bin and will discourage pests and critters from getting inside and scattering the items you've already added.

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Everything Including the Kitchen Sink: Working With General Contractors

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