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Commercial Line Markings: Removal Methods for Improvement Projects

Line markings are critical in the commercial environment because they promote responsible usage of the property roadways and parking lot spaces. Generally, these types of marks are prepared using durable products and applied for long-term usage without deterioration. Therefore, if you have decided to make changes to your commercial outdoor space, you will need to engage a contractor for removal of the line markings. The expert will use different types of equipment and techniques to eliminate the old work and prepare the surface for new marking designs. Here are the primary methods for line marking removal that you should consider for your property.    

Water Blasting

Water blasting is an ideal method for permanent removal of road line marks because there are no chemicals required during the process. In addition, the damage to the road surface is minimal because the pressure exerted by the water is controlled. Basically, water blasting involves directing water under high pressure onto the markings on the road surface. The force coupled with cleaning effect of water will remove the paint coating. A vacuuming system is often attached to the water blasting machinery, so the process will not necessitate secondary cleaning. You should choose this method because it has minimal impact on the environment in addition to the outlined benefits. Unfortunately, this method is not effective for durable marking materials like thermoplastic.


The grinding process is popular in line marking removal, so you should evaluate its advantages during your outdoor improvement project. This technique is performed using a grinding machine with steel or carbide teeth. During the removal operation, these components will scrub against the line markings to eliminate the colouring material. The grinding method is favourable because it can remove durable and stubborn materials like epoxy and thermoplastic layers. In addition, the speed of removal is considerably fast, which reduces the total project time. On the other hand, grinding will scar the road or parking lot surface. Consequently, the aesthetic value of your property will be compromised and the unattractive scars can be confusing for motorists and pedestrians. 

Abrasive Blasting

As implied, abrasive blasting involves removing the line markings by propelling a coarse particle medium at high speed. The two common types of techniques used are shot and sand blasting. These methods use small steel or sand particles respectively to chip away the coatings on the surface. The speed and effectiveness of the removal will depend on the contractor's skill, so you should request for references from past clients before official hire.   

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