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Building Inspection: Critical Elements to Consider Before House Purchase

When buying a home, you must consider diverse factors such as financing, location and moving expenses, but the most critical aspect is the quality and condition of the home. Generally, the cost of purchasing residential property is quite high, so you will lose a lot of money if you choose a substandard building. Therefore, it is essential to commission a thorough assessment of any home by a building inspector before making your purchase official. Here are the primary elements that you should ensure are evaluated during this pre-purchase inspection.

Structural Aspects

The structural aspects of the building will determine the durability and resilience of your home. Therefore, you should ensure that your inspector has examined the accessible modules of the house for any major defects. Basically, this refers to any structural problem that poses injury hazards, causes loss of building feature utility or results in accelerated deterioration of the building. The features that will be checked include roof cavities, walls, retaining walls, ceilings and waterproofing in wet areas. If you want your inspector to provide a report outlining minor faults and aesthetic imperfections, you will have to pay more for the special purpose inspection.

Pest Inspection

The presence of pests in a home can cause inconvenience and contribute to the unexpected deterioration of your building. Therefore, you should ensure that any potential pest-related problems are detected to avoid the repercussions. The most important pest in homes is the termite because it feeds on timber materials. The population of a termite colony is usually large and grows fast, so even a small population can result in extensive damage of the house within a short period. Moreover, extermination can be expensive. This assessment is usually visual and the inspector will check roof cavities, walls and crawlspaces for invasion.

Building Compliance

Your building inspector should provide you with a compliance report on the building that you would like to purchase. This type of evaluation is intended to make sure that the structure is constructed in conformity with the local and national building regulations. Generally, the inspector will look at the approved building plans for the home and compare with what exists in the property. They will provide with a report on discrepancies and other concerns. Building compliance inspections can protect you from legal and financial ramifications associated with illegal buildings.

Finally, you should also consider commissioning inspections of some elements that are not encompassed in general assessments. These include swimming pools, concealed damp-proofing features, chimneys, central HVAC systems and house footings.

For more information or to schedule an inspection, contact a company that specialises in building inspections services.

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